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"I believe in questioning authority up until a certain point, and that point is reached when I am the authority."


Although his name is never said in the show, we know what he is called from the Pokemon game. Giovanni is the boss of Team Rocket, and somewhat shrouded in mystery. His face is rarely seen, and is usually shadowed. His Japanese name is Sakaki.

He occasionally gives orders to Jessie/James and Butch/Cassidy. He's impatient with failure and as such is not thrilled with Jessie and James. He's a rich man and owns an impressive Pokemon amusement park.

He is also the leader of Viridian Gym. He has a lot of rare Pokemon, and wants more, as well as just plain strong ones. He uses Pokemon to steal more Pokemon. His final goal? It's yet to be discovered. Probably some cliched notion such as taking over the world.

Oddly, he seems to have not yet displayed any notions of firing Jessie/James, although he is irritable when seeing them. He hates to show any weakness. He managed to get the strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo, which traumatised Gary by defeating him, but it eventually backfired on him. I do not think he appreciates Pokemon very much, although he does care a lot for his Persian.

In the game, one can encounter him (and thwart him) several times while he is engaged in criminal activities as the head of Team Rocket. He appreciates ground-type Pokemon. Clever man. ^_^.

Giovanni's favourite Pokemon is a Persian that he always has with him.

He's strong, intimidating, brave and intelligent, but not a good person. As one may guess. He does seem to like Pokemon though.

Giovanni's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "I want to pick the choice ones for myself."

My thoughts on Giovanni: Hard to say. I think he is kind of cool, but too much of a remote figure for me to judge, really. I like his Persian. ^_^.

Butch and Cassidy

Partners working for Giovanni. At first glance, they seem somewhat more competant than Jessie and James, coming close to success twice, however, in both situations, they were beaten by Ash-and-company and arrested by Officer Jenny. A lot of people say they ARE better than J and J, but I don't really agree, although their schemes were impressive.

Butch's Pokemon are currently unknown. Cassidy has a Raticate, which takes the place of Meowth in their motto. (It shrieks "Caaate!" instead of the usual "Meowth, dat's right!") Cassidy and Butch modified the motto they swiped from Jessie and James, who in turn had stolen it from some unknown person.

The duo co-own an extremely powerful Drowzee that they managed to steal from their Breeding Center scam and train specially. They amplified its powers to manipulate Pokemon and turn them against their masters, giving their loyalty to the Rockets instead. When Jessie and James' Meowth went to the duo, there was a lot of arguing... the two Rocket teams do NOT get along. In the end, Cassidy and Butch have J&J's own Pokemon bash them up to the point of unconsciousness.

Just as Jessie and James are named after a cowboy (Jesse James), Cassidy and Butch are also (Butch Cassidy). Thus explains the unfortunate name of the green-haired Rocket. ^_^;;

Cassidy is more the leader of the two, and is something of a rival with Jessie. However, she keeps her composure more than Jessie does, which makes the other girl cross. Jessie said that Cassidy used to hang around with her, and was jealous of her beauty.

But the two female Rockets actually seem quite similar in personality. If you told them that though, they'd probably rip you into shreds. ^_^.

Cassidy and Butch only appear in two English episode, as a little villianous variety, I suppose. In my mind, they are the only true villians of the show, because I think they're the only people who don't really like Pokemon.

Cassidy's voice sample - click here to hear what she sounds like. "Save your arguments for the boss when he finds out you're stealing his Pokemon." Butch's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "The boss is really ticked off that he hasn't heard from you."

My thoughts on those two: I like them both. Gee, I'm getting predictable. I like all characters. ^_^;; Yes, I actually do like Butch's voice. I am one of the precious few. *grins* I wish we got to see more of these guys; Cassidy seems cool, and I love Butch's hair, but... well, they're not Jessie and James. ^_^.

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